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Twitter tips

February 19th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I first joined Twitter, http://twitter.com on Mar 18th, 2008. As always it was my curiousity to use new tools made me jump on this. But honestly i haven’t been really using until late 2008 when i realised the potential of this simple tool.

What is Twitter?
This is nothing but a simple way of updating what you are doing, where you are and anything that you want to say in a short message (140 char). It started off as an alternate to SMS.

Ever since its launch it picked up as a wild fire and was soon in the top 10 web apps in 2008. Today twitter is so popular that it is not limited to individuals but corporations have found a use for it. Beauty of this system is how it is becoming available where ever you are. Twitter on your phone, twitter apps on your computer, smart phone, on Social Media site you name it. There is always a way to use this nifty little tool. Recently twitter got more funds to continue their excellent work. Kudos to the twitter team and for all you twiple have a great twirrific day.

Follow my twitter @ssusarla. Send me a DM if you need more info.

Some useful tips on Twitter:
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