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Hiking for a purpose

colorado-14ersIt will be the 21st anniversary of an accident I had in which I almost lost my right leg. August 31st 1997, it was a sunny afternoon I was cruising on my motorcycle to reach the train station to catch a train to home, visiting my family during a short break I got during my 3rd year of undergrad.

With lot of help from my family and friends I was able to quickly recover from the injury and life went on. However, I never got back the agility I used to have in my feet. Few years back I found that I have tendentious in my right ankle and I am over compensating on my left leg causing my knee to wear more than they should. Last year, I got the wakeup call and decided to get better so that I could be there for my family and not be an anchor slowing us down.  we got a fur baby (Shadow) to our family he definitely keeps us active on our feet. This year with help of my friend Sachi I am embarking on an ambitious journey to climb 4 14ers  (Mt. Massive, Mt. Harvard, Grays and Torreys Peak) in Colorado from  August 31st 2018 to September 3rd 2018). Celebrating the 21st anniversary of my accident and showing myself that I can still keep going.

When I decided to hike in Colorado I also wanted to do it for a cause, so I choose to raise funds for the Wounded Warriors Project. I am honored to work for USAA. It’s a company with a great mission and purpose that keep you coming to work every single day. At work I get to meet people with inspiring stories of what service meant to them and how they fought with their fears, inabilities and still went above and beyond for the call of duty. Wounded Warrior Project was the first one that came to my mind, their mission to serve people who are not only physical injured but also for those who are combating mental injury and illness. This effort of mine is a small way to honor and give back to those who sacrificed for the country and our freedom.


Please help me carry forward with your donation. Every little bit will help reach my goal.


Thanks for your support.


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