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Painted Horses of Germantown

August 23rd, 2008 No comments

In honor of the Germantown Charity Horse Show ‘s 60th Anniversary in 2008, the city is celebrating with a Painted Horses Public Arts Community Event.

Various artists competed to win the chance to decorate life-sized horses, which are on display throughout the city. Download the map detailing locations of the horses.

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Fireworks 2007

July 2nd, 2007 No comments

After few hours of reading and figuring out optimal settings for shooting fireworks i headed out to test my skill this evening to fireworks show at Bellevue church. We will be in Atlanta for the big show on the 4th at Lenox Square. It was a good test run picked up some techniques. Never the less it was lot of fun to shoot. You can look at the fireworks album here in raw. These pictures are “as shot”.

Back from Atlanta
Successfully back from my trip to Atlanta. Came in a record time from ATL airport to home driveway 6 hrs 15 min. Very hectic trip but had to be done. I am glad everything went smooth in the trip. The main reason was to see off my in-laws who were flying from ATL to HYD. The best part is we all could make it for the fireworks at Lenox Square. This is my first time there. After testing waters shooting fireworks in Memphis, this was a great opportunity for me. Straight after checkin we made it to Lenox park by about 8.40pm, the fireworks were scheduled for 9.40pm. Thanks to some great tips i found online i chose to take MARTA instead of driving myself. This helped us save a lot of time, we could not only reach pretty fast but coming back to hotel was not bad at all. There was a huge crowd a great festive season. After making sure my rest of the family members are settled down i started setting up my camera before i lost the last few rays of sun. Here are my settings that i locked for the rest of the eve:

Camera: Nikon D80 on tripod
Lens: 18-50mm f3.5-5.6G
ISO: 100
Aperture: f/8
Shutter speed: Bulb – for an unrecorded length of time
Date: 4th of July, 2007
Place: Lenox Square, Atlanta, GA

Once i got the camera focused i put the eye cover and was all set for the show to begin. Yes, the setup was on a tripod dont even think of doing otherwise. I would also recommend to get a remote i had a ML-L3. This helped me to just click away as i was watching. Also remote gives you ability to control your exposure if you want multiple exposure vs single shot. Here is a resource was very helpful for me to achieve this. See my album pictures are raw “as-is”. In the interest of faster download the only thing i did with the pictures is to resize for web. Check out my album and have fun. Thanks for stopping by. If you need me to expand more on my shoot please let me know (leave a comment).

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And it arrives….

July 1st, 2007 No comments

Finally it arrives, i was like a little kid trying to figure out all stuff right away. I then realized that i have to charge the battery and it takes 3 hours …oh god another wait!! Once the battery was ready to roll i couldnt wait any longer and started clicking away. Here is a picture that i liked in the random clicks.

Off to shoot some fireworks….

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A long wait..

June 29th, 2007 Comments off

For all you people who love buying gadgets and are cannot wait to tear open the package of a new “toy” that you just bought for which you have been waiting for Years/Months/days. You know who you are!! The last three days have been the longest days when i was waiting for my D80 that i order online. After a (VERY) long wait in shopping, researching the product evaluating prorities i finally got my first Digital SLR a Nikon D80. I should thank my wife who has been extremely supportive during this time and encourgaed me to buy one.

I was always interested in photography. The first SLR was a Zenith 12 that my dad bought it when i was 10 years old. I used it until i was 14 when i lost if for good. Ever since the hunger for an SLR camera was present but life had to take its course until now. I started re-exploring my interest in photography since 2006. If you seen my previous postings i tried to be little bit creative with what i had on hand (Nikon Coolpix S4). I also started reading and learning more about the mechanics of taking a picture. Photography is both an Art and Science. One should not only have an artistic eye to look at a scene and imagine how it would look as a picture but also should have enough knowledge about how the machine, lens optics, lighting, etc would work to make it all happen. Photography is not about duplicating nature or duplicating what a human eye would see, but it is also about enchacing some of the aspects and highlighting some facts.

Thanks for stopping by my site and reading my posts. I plan to publish some of my experiements with the D80 soon(as soon as i get around the controls 🙂 ). Keep i eagerly wait for the UPS guy to deliver my package.

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Landmark pictures

November 1st, 2006 1 comment

Here is another set of pictures of buildings and some intersting landmarks. These where taken during my visit to DC attending a government meeting. All the pictures are raw, i have not done any post production to these. If you want to see full resolution pictures go here

Ronald Regan Building
This is in one of the entrances of the Regan building
Renald Regan Building

Washington Memorial
I wish i had my tripod and little more time when i took this shot. This picture was actually taken as i was walking. I perticularly liked the lighting. This time of sunset is very tricky to shoot pictures. Over all i think the picture came “OK” not my best ;).
Washington Memorial

Washington Memorial close up

Street Scene
Again, i wish i had some time to take this picture and compose it a little better. I took this picture just before crossing an interseciton. Wish i could some how make the budget truck dissapear :). Some things i really like about the picture are lighting and Scene. Lighting was almost close to natural. Always wanted to do some busy street scenes preferably evenings and nights. Hope i can get more changes to do this.
Street Scene

2006/11/1 arrived a little early than scheduled for the conference today and thought i have few minutes to spend so went back to the same street to get a shot which i missed last night. The real interesting things i find in this picture are colors. Some ares of interest i wanted to capture in here are the two beautiful tress showing their gorgeous fall colors and the majestic building in the center with a very interesting bluish, indigo sky with just a light layer of white clouds. I think the picture shows the beauty of DC and how the city is trying to preserve the natural beauty of trees and old buildings in the midst of all. Kudos to all who making this happen.
Street Scene morning
Things that i think need to be improved in this picture, i wish (again) had the time to wait and let the shadow on the building pass. But this is kind of interesting too.

As i was walking down the street found this interesting building with a center piece made of glass wall. Tried to capture the wall at the same time leave a piece of sky i think give a lot of meaning to the picture than just the wall!!!

Building pattern

Thanks for you all stopping by and many thanks for your comments. If you are interested to see the full resolution pics please visit my gallery.

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Nature Pictures

October 21st, 2006 No comments

These picture were taken in hotsprings, AR while i was on a vacation. Was testing the new Nikon S4.

Cascade in garden

Bumble Bee

Flower bunches

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