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Landmark pictures

November 1st, 2006

Here is another set of pictures of buildings and some intersting landmarks. These where taken during my visit to DC attending a government meeting. All the pictures are raw, i have not done any post production to these. If you want to see full resolution pictures go here

Ronald Regan Building
This is in one of the entrances of the Regan building
Renald Regan Building

Washington Memorial
I wish i had my tripod and little more time when i took this shot. This picture was actually taken as i was walking. I perticularly liked the lighting. This time of sunset is very tricky to shoot pictures. Over all i think the picture came “OK” not my best ;).
Washington Memorial

Washington Memorial close up

Street Scene
Again, i wish i had some time to take this picture and compose it a little better. I took this picture just before crossing an interseciton. Wish i could some how make the budget truck dissapear :). Some things i really like about the picture are lighting and Scene. Lighting was almost close to natural. Always wanted to do some busy street scenes preferably evenings and nights. Hope i can get more changes to do this.
Street Scene

2006/11/1 arrived a little early than scheduled for the conference today and thought i have few minutes to spend so went back to the same street to get a shot which i missed last night. The real interesting things i find in this picture are colors. Some ares of interest i wanted to capture in here are the two beautiful tress showing their gorgeous fall colors and the majestic building in the center with a very interesting bluish, indigo sky with just a light layer of white clouds. I think the picture shows the beauty of DC and how the city is trying to preserve the natural beauty of trees and old buildings in the midst of all. Kudos to all who making this happen.
Street Scene morning
Things that i think need to be improved in this picture, i wish (again) had the time to wait and let the shadow on the building pass. But this is kind of interesting too.

As i was walking down the street found this interesting building with a center piece made of glass wall. Tried to capture the wall at the same time leave a piece of sky i think give a lot of meaning to the picture than just the wall!!!

Building pattern

Thanks for you all stopping by and many thanks for your comments. If you are interested to see the full resolution pics please visit my gallery.

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