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Jott.com: A new way to interacting with mobile applications..

While i was during my daily cruise in a pursuit to satisfy my tech info hunger i bumped into Jott.com. Its a personal assistant program that will let you jott down quick items from different interfaces. You can do it from your phone by leaving a voice note that will be send to you as an email, via online through their website and get a text msg, etc. So my technology curious brain couldn’t stop taking the application for a spin and so i did. Being a blackberry user i digged the site a little more and found a BB app that will let me reply email by letting me speak. The reply will be recorded and will be sent as a voice note to the recipient. It has the regular functionalities of “Reply-TO” and “Reply-ALL”. The app works as mentioned on the site. Further exploration of Jott.com i found something really interesting this is what hit the spot for me..Using Jott to communicate to other web applications like “Twitter”. That was cool…i am seeing this as a start of a trend in Mobile application word. This is the intersection of mobile apps using the native voice functionality of the phone.

Those who has used any mobile/smartphone applications before would have wondered why doesnt this application take my voice commands from phone. If the wave is big and users get on this..its only a matter of time when there is a plugin for social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace or Orkut to have a voice enabled system to update your status write on your wall or send notes/messages to your friends. Anycase those are my two cents about Jott app. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you want to take this talk offline.


For further information on Jott visiting http://www.jott.com

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