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The world is flat

February 3rd, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Yet another book review…”The world is flat” by Thomas L. Friedman.
His aim, in his new book, The World Is Flat, as in his earlier, influential Lexus and the Olive Tree, is not to give you a speculative preview of the wonders that are sure to come in your lifetime, but rather to get you caught up on the wonders that are already here. The world isn’t going to be flat, it is flat, which gives Friedman’s breathless narrative much of its urgency, and which also saves it from the Epcot-style polyester sheen that futurists–the optimistic ones at least–are inevitably prey to.

I manged to get my hands on a audio version of this book and i have throughly enjoyed every chapter of this book.

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