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Suresh SusarlaSuresh Susarla is Program Manager at the Workforce ADL Co-Lab at the University of Memphis. As a system architect and developer, his experience includes databases and authoring tools for intelligent tutoring environments, customizing applications using databases and statistical analysis on data collections, and creating dynamic websites. He participated in projects in artificial intelligence, complex dynamic systems, neural networks and modeling and development of authoring tools for intelligent tutoring environments. He has published and presented his works in various national and international conferences on Intelligent Tutoring Systems.

Mr. Susarla is responsible for enterprise vision and planning, establishing collaborative relationships with institutions (for-profit and non-profit), marketing and public relations, project management and planning for various grants. Mr. Susarla establishes and maintains partnerships with regional workforce, especially their training departments, to help them with adopting eLearning standards such as SCORM. Mr. Susarla is actively involved in business development and networking with the local community. He co-organizes the Workforce eLearning Resource Network (WERN), a unique forum for regional organizations engaged in workforce training to keep abreast of eLearning technologies and strategies for their implementation.

Mr. Susarla graduated from The University of Memphis with a Master’s degree in Business Administration with an Information Systems major. He has a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Andhra University, India. His technical expertise includes web programming, PHP, MySQL and SQL Server database administration, and Windows server administration.

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